December 22, 2023

10 Reflective Questions to Kickstart Your New Year, Personally and Professionally

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Happy Holidays! The end of the year and beginning of a new one provides a natural place for us to pause, reflect and move forward with intention for ourselves, our families, our teams. At the beginning of 2023 I declared four intention words for myself: Connection, Health, Adventure, and Peace. With the support of an accountability partner and 15-minute weekly personal check-ins, I identified specific actions and have made progress in each area this year. I’m starting anew for 2024.

As you reflect on your 2023 and look ahead to 2024, it’s my hope that these 10 questions will serve as a valuable framework for reflecting on your past year, both personally and professionally as a leader, and as a helpful planning tool for you to set more meaningful intentions for your new year. You may also want to consider reflecting on some of these questions with your team. Also consider who and what systems can help support your goals.

Cheers to a happy, healthy, and intentionally successful new year!

Kathy Gibala, Sr. Vice President MEDI Leadership

10 Reflective Questions to Kickstart Your New Year, Personally and Professionally

1. On a scale of 1-10, how happy am I with my past year? What would make it higher?

2. Where did I succeed? What are some standout moments? Where did I make a difference? What am I most proud of from the past year? How can this serve as a strong foundation for the new year?

3. Where did I step outside my comfort zone? How did it feel? What did I learn about myself as a person, as a leader as a result? How can I build on this in 2024 and encourage others to try new things?

4. What are my top 5 Values? How can I ensure my calendar better reflects my values?

5. What unexpected challenges and opportunities came up? What did I learn from them? How did my response shape the reactions of those around me, those I lead?

6. What progress did I make on my professional and personal goals? Who provided support and how have I expressed/will I express my gratitude?

7. What 1-3 words best capture my vision or intentions for 2024? What are three key things I will need to do to achieve my vision/intentions? Who can help me?

8. What key relationships do I want to build, enhance, repair? What action steps will I take?

9. What mindset do I want to hold for success in the new year? Are there stories, beliefs I’m holding that may not be serving me well and, if so, how will I intentionally shift them?

10. What brings me joy at work and in my personal life and how will I do more of that in the coming year?

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Kathy Gibala is a sought-after executive leadership coach with more than 25 years of healthcare industry experience and over 15 years as a coach. She is honored to serve as a trusted partner and change catalyst to healthcare executives across the US to raise the bar on their leadership, build high-performing teams, and accelerate transformative change. Kathy incorporates neuroscience-based coaching techniques to help healthcare leaders expand their impact and reach their fullest potential.

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