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Exploration of MEDI Leadership and its impact on healthcare executives.

What do teams in healthcare seem to struggle with? Renowned executive coach, Bob Porter, shares insights into team dynamics and achieving shared goals. Teams often grapple with the challenge of interdependence when working towards a common objective. Genuine partnership within a team is critically important to the achievement of every team member being able to work harmoniously together. MEDI is committed to valuable strategies whether you’re a team leader, a team member, or someone interested in fostering better teamwork and achieving collective goals.

These are turbulent times in healthcare. Today’s leaders need to drive rapid and dramatic change amidst complex, fast-changing conditions. It’s a tall order, and one that demands an expanded set of competencies to manage rising ambiguity and risk. 

New roles or conditions demand new skills, and these skills aren’t something leaders can easily acquire — especially when it comes to changing behaviors, perceptions, or damaged relationships.

Coaching > Training

Executive coaching differs sharply from short-term, self-led, or low-accountability alternatives like professional training, mentoring, peer exchanges, or consulting. While these are great tools for sharing knowledge or clarifying a next step, they fall short when it comes to driving and sustaining behavioral change, which is really what it takes to inspire trust, build rapport, overcome conflict, and move people to action. 

Behavioral change is where MEDI Leadership shines.

Created by and for leaders in healthcare

The nation’s only leadership coaching firm focused exclusively on the healthcare sector, MEDI Leadership is a subsidiary of Navvis Healthcare, a population health, value-based care company.

In addition to rich expertise in the healthcare industry, many MEDI Leadership coaches are healthcare executives themselves, with first-hand experience navigating the unique dynamics of healthcare environments.

Rooted in science

MEDI Leadership methods are rooted in solid research on how humans are wired to learn and change, and the behaviors needed to lead effectively in complex environments. Just as important, MEDI Leadership has a long record of success stories and satisfied clients who return and refer us to their peers.

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