Accelerate Your Team’s Impact

Healthcare leaders strive to address many issues: strategy, clinical quality, and financial performance, among others. But often the best path to achieve your organizational goals is to ensure your teams are cultivated to operate and interact at the highest performing levels.

Increase Your Team’s Impact: Accelerate Its Evolution

Teams are made of people with unique personalities who must learn to work together. They go through a natural team evolution with four predictable and manageable stages. However, some teams get stuck and need help to reach the final and most productive stage. Understanding and recognizing these stages will help you assess your current state and know when to ask for help to get “unstuck.”

Learn more about team evolution and how to accelerate your team’s performance.

Launching a New Team: Intentional Team Formation

Creating a new team to address a major transformation? Perhaps you are implementing a large program, like value-based care. Or maybe you’re kicking-off a new service line to better address clinical needs in your area. The process of deploying disruptive change is difficult and must overcome the natural human resistance to change. This is even more challenging when the charge to lead the change is given to a team made up of members who have no history or, as is often the case in healthcare, a history that has bred distrust.

One key to the success of such a team is care in how the team is assembled, formed, and launched.

Check out our infographic on how to successfully launch a new team.

About MEDI Leadership

MEDI Leadership was founded in 2000 and is the largest executive coaching firm in the nation dedicated exclusively to the healthcare industry. The MEDI coaches are known and respected industry experts with a unique blend of healthcare leadership and coaching experience. We leverage a unique, in-depth approach called the MEDI Method to help leaders and teams in healthcare move from good to transformational.

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