January 5, 2017

Essential skills to assure successful business combinations

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As healthcare organizations grapple with the dramatic changes taking place on every front, one of the frequent responses is to enter into one of an array of possible business combinations with other parties. Those business combinations range from simple contracts to full mergers and acquisitions.
What they have in common, though, is the desire to create some benefit for both parties from working together that neither party could have achieved on its own.  This approach can be a powerful tool when used with great care.  It is common for business combinations to fall short of their desired outcomes not because the concept lacked merit but because the process was not led with the thoughtful nurturing that is required.
What steps can you focus on to assure successful business combinations?
Here are a few simple tips to consider.

  • Choose Carefully
  • Assure Alignment Between the Parties and Within Your Team
  • Thoroughly Assess the Compatibility of Culture and Values
  • Build a Foundation of Collaboration and Trust
  • Communicate Like Crazy

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Kathy Gibala

Kathy Gibala is a sought-after executive leadership coach with more than 25 years of healthcare industry experience and over 15 years as a coach. She is honored to serve as a trusted partner and change catalyst to healthcare executives across the US to raise the bar on their leadership, build high-performing teams, and accelerate transformative change. Kathy incorporates neuroscience-based coaching techniques to help healthcare leaders expand their impact and reach their fullest potential.

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