Paula Beckmann

Executive Coach

Paula Beckmann is an accomplished and proven leadership and organizational transformation catalyst. Throughout her diverse and extensive career, she has worked with leaders and organizations to assess, align and develop capabilities to drive strategic goals, growth, and enhance organizational performance.

What separates Paula from others is her ability to partner with leaders to fully understand issues and assess current capabilities to determine how well an organization is enabling or hindering itself from achieving its desired goals. From there, she looks to her experience to determine and recommend solutions tailored for each individual leader/organization. She does not offer a cookie-cutter/one-size-fits-all approach.

Recognizing her gift and passion for helping people and organizations build leadership as a capability, not just as a competency, Paula established Organizational Performance Consulting in 2017. Having come to coaching via the corporate world; sat at the senior level herself, she is familiar with the challenges that accompany these roles and the energy required to be an authentic, inspiring leader. She has coached, advised and consulted with executives and leadership teams from Fortune 1000 to Fortune 50 organizations. Paula is passionate about leaders optimizing their potential and pushing their capabilities beyond what they think is possible.

Before becoming a coach, Paula was Senior Vice President of Talent at Amedisys, a $2 billion publicly traded home health and hospice organization. In her role, she strategically repositioned and built new talent capabilities that resulted in a 30% reduction in employee turnover within a 12-month period. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to develop an innovative, predictive staffing optimization and forecasting tool, which resulted in about a $5 million labor cost savings to Amedisys within its first year.

Paula has led high-performing teams that drive change and create innovative solutions to help businesses scale, transform and become more effective. As Vice President of Organizational Design & Development at Humana, a $53 billion healthcare company, she built the organization’s first change management and leadership practice. To do so, she collaborated with Verizon and Northwestern University to design a new contemporary Change Leadership framework focused on the neurological aspects of change that helped leaders embrace, navigate and manage employee engagement during transformation. During her time at Humana, employee engagement rose 90%, which is considered “best-in-class” among industry benchmarks.

Prior to joining the healthcare industry, Paula held leadership positions in executive education at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and Pulte Homes. She spent the first 10 years of her professional career in various sales and marketing roles at General Electric.

Paula earned a master’s degree in Business from Johns Hopkins University, and a certificate degree in Leadership and Organizational Change from Northwestern University. She is a graduate of the esteemed Hudson Institute of Coaching and a member of the Women Business Leaders of Health Care organization.