February 23, 2016

Can you afford to be wrong about your next physician leader?

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Where will you find your next physician leader?
Every week, MEDI talks to colleagues who are trying to recruit experienced physician leaders to fill strategic roles, but finding them hard to find and never knowing if the one they select will really “fit”. The cost of failure is far too high.
As the leading leadership development and coaching firm dedicated exclusively to the healthcare industry, we have been there. Most of our coaches are former executives and clinicians. And our research shows how to quickly find and develop the latent physician leadership talent right in your own community.
Leadership is all about the ability to influence change through relationships.
Research reveals that some of the same behaviors that make a great physician can get in the way of being a great leader.
Hiring an outside leader can work but it can take 12 to 18 months for a newcomer to build the key relationships and understand the organization’s culture, with no guarantee of success. A better way is to invest in the leadership ability of known, respected physicians in your community.
Our proven, research based approach can be customized to the strategic business needs of your organization – – from building a service line dyad to a clinically integrated network or ACO.
Without effective physician leaders at the table, any strategic initiative is likely to fail. The time to begin building your bench of effective leaders is today.
For more information, call or contact Eric Norwood, FACHE, PCC at 904.543.0235 or enorwood@medi-leadership.org.

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