Cohort-Based Coaching Program

Often to drive substantive, large-scale change, leaders throughout a healthcare organization will seek to have common learning experiences and vocabulary from which to initiate a transformative process. Other times, executive leaders and leadership teams ask to extend the MEDI Leadership coaching and growth experience for leaders through the hospital or health system.

What are some common Cohort leadership programs?

MEDI Leadership designed a Cohort-based coaching program for these very circumstances. Cohorts often comprise of a group of like-suited individuals in leadership positions throughout the organizations. For example, we’ve designed Cohort leadership experiences for hospital physicians, nursing leaders, advanced practice providers, and other leaders.

MEDI coaches will lead your group through an experiential adult learning process to engage your team members in growing behavioral competencies required for effective leadership.

Cohort-based coaching is an effective way to quickly drive leadership transformation across your teams. Take your organization to the next level of leadership. Get better alignment and better results.

Who are MEDI Leadership clients?

Executive Leaders Clinical Leaders Human Resource Leaders

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Going into this program I didn’t realize that I was more a manager than a leader. I always thought that if you got things accomplished and you had the results that was a good thing. I didn’t see the difference between the two until after the program and it became more apparent.

My coach helped me discover a whole new set of skills because of this experience.

If you want to become more aware of your leadership qualities, character, and want to improve on it, it would be a very valuable experience.

Dr. Rosalo Paeste