Cohort-Based Leadership Coaching

Learn alongside like-minded peers facing similar conditions and challenges

Grow alongside peers who’ve walked in your shoes

Many healthcare leaders seek common experiences and vocabulary with cohorts facing similar challenges as they seek to drive substantive, large-scale change. Other times, leaders ask us to extend their MEDI Leadership coaching experience to other leaders throughout their organization. In response, we’ve designed a cohort-based coaching program for these very circumstances.

Cohorts often comprise a group of like-suited individuals in leadership positions — whether in the same or in different organizations. Past cohort-based programs include leadership experiences for hospital physicians, nursing leaders, advanced practice providers, and others, for instance.

Cohort-based coaching is an effective way to drive leadership transformation quickly across your teams. When you engage MEDI Leadership, expect better alignment and results for your investment.

What can coaching do for you, your teams and organization?

Executive Coaching

Magnify your impact and transform how others experience you as a leader.

Team Coaching

Get teams unstuck and cultivate high-performance with a proven team development framework.

Cohort-Based Coaching

Learn alongside peers sharing similar goals and challenges.

Other Leaders in Healthcare

Grow your know-how, influence and impact as an industry partner, investor, or service provider.

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