September 19, 2017

Do leaders need courage?

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It takes a lot of courage for a healthcare leader to address the challenges and complexity of the healthcare world.  Most people do not think of courage as a leadership competency.  They believe that courage is a ‘thing’ that we either have or do not have.  However, it is possible to build courage with practice. To be an effective leader, it must be built – also embraced.  Business leaders express courage in several different ways:

  • to try different things and to take risks
  • to innovate, to be creative
  • to speak up when it comes to saying the hard things
  • to have a critical conversation or confront a key issue
  • to trust others, to delegate, to let go of the need to control

Without courage, leaders often do not address the right challenges. They may not fully optimize their team or innovate to stay competitive.  At MEDI, we help leaders build their leadership courage through self-awareness and coaching around obstacles that might get in the way.  Courage is what helps make a good leader a great leader.

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Cheryl Foss, MSW

Cheryl Foss, MSW, a MEDI Executive Coach, has over 20 years of Leadership Development, Team Development, Strategy Development, Organization Design, and Change Management experience.

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