August 19, 2016

Executive alignment

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executive alignment
What is the best investment a healthcare organization can make right now?  Leadership Coaching.
The best investment an organization can make right now to get executive alignment is leadership coaching for their executives and leadership development for physicians.  In addition to behavioral competencies, two other topics that need to be included in healthcare coaching are:  nursing triad leadership and physician matrix leadership.
It is not unusual to see veteran healthcare executives using executive coaching to help them navigate in these uncertain times.  Other industries have used executive coaching and report ROI’s of upwards to 1000%.  One of the challenges healthcare executives face is finding a leadership development and coaching firm which offers similar services in other industries.  MEDI, who has 16 years’ experience, is one of the few firms that serves only executives and physicians in the healthcare industry and has a leadership model comparable to firms who serve other industries.

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Deena Fischer, MA, ACC

A certified executive coach, Deena Fischer, MA, ACC leads business development and operations for MEDI Leadership.

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