Executive Coaching

Executive coaching from MEDI Leadership is designed to help you accelerate your impact with your teams, your organizations, and your communities. Combining the MEDI Method with the deep and vast experiences of MEDI coaches will drive your leadership to the next level of effectiveness. 

Executive coaching is for all leaders, regardless of experiences and background, who look to accelerate their impact.

MEDI Leadership carefully matches your coach to you based on skills, experiences, and coaching chemistry; resulting in a deep, trusted connection.Your coach will work with you on an individual and intensive transformational 12-month process. We walk with you, getting to know your skills, behaviors, experiences, and strengths.

We work with you to leverage key leadership principles through your own personal leadership style. You and your coach will “build muscle” in areas requiring focus. You will apply these learnings through real-work application, allowing you to grow as a leader while delivering practical results.

Your coach is your leadership advocate. Your sounding board. Your guide. But most importantly, your coach is your catalyst to becoming a transformational leader.

Who Are MEDI Leadership Clients?

Executive Leaders Clinical Leaders Human Resource Leaders

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The opportunity to work with MEDI has been extraordinary. The process has helped me to identify critical strengths and growth needs that are focused on increasing my effectiveness as a leader. The initial assessment provided me with a new and very specific level of awareness of my leadership style. We were able to identify several targeted areas of focus and my coach assisted me in creating strategies to address them. Putting those strategies in play has not always been easy, but it has produced exceptional results. The process has allowed me to understand myself in an entirely new way. The enthusiastic feedback I’ve received from my constituent is a great motivator!

Cynda Tipple, COO
Prince William Hospital - Novant Health