Coaching for Executive Leaders in Healthcare

Helping you achieve and sustain personal, professional, and organizational transformation.

Proven methods. Sustained successes.

It’s lonely at the top.

Though you’re rich in experience, you’re likely navigating uncharted domains as a leader in healthcare. What’s more, other leaders in your organization are looking to you for answers to fast-evolving challenges that stand in the way of personal and organizational goals.

At the same time, many leaders tell us they lack a safe, confidential space to think out loud, voice their hopes and hang-ups as workplace dilemmas arise.

Though each leader and organization are unique, we’ve been that trusted guide and sounding board, helping many of your peers drive significant transformation in their careers, organizations, reputation and impact. We can do the same for you.

The opportunity to work with MEDI Leadership has been extraordinary. The initial assessment provided me with a new level of awareness of my leadership style. We identified areas of focus and my coach helped me create strategies to address them. Putting those strategies in play has produced exceptional results.
Cynda Tipple
Chief Operations Officer
Prince William Hospital | Novant Health
Trust was established early, I felt comfortable, and the coaching process was incredibly in-depth and personalized. I could really explore root causes and opportunities. In addition to the MEDI Leadership approach, my coach also had this unreal experience in multiple programmatic approaches.
Jim Duncan
President, Foundation
Billings Clinic
I appreciate my coach’s healthcare background. He relates to what I’m doing, he’s been through it, and he really helped me to adapt to the CEO role. As he coached other executives in our organization, he was able to bridge relationships while maintaining confidentiality, and show me how to build those relationships and my self-awareness.
Kevin Jenkins
Chief Executive Officer
Centura Health

Making New Skills Stick

It’s a common predicament: You attend a conference, take a course, or meet with a mentor. You hear great advice, take copious notes, and then… nothing. By the time you’re back to work, the ideas you thought would catapult your impact are fuzzy memories, trampled by daily responsibilities and relegated to your “someday” mental file. Before you know it, you’re back to the same old habits and challenges.

In reality, sustaining meaningful transformation takes behavioral change — something conventional training or consulting can never deliver. That’s precisely where the value of executive coaching lies. We make new skills (and the successes that follow) stick.

An executive coaching organization that understands the unique challenges healthcare leaders face. With unmatched expertise and a proven track record of success, our coaches are dedicated to helping healthcare leaders create lasting change in their organizations, teams, and careers. Whether you’re looking to improve team dynamics, strengthen your leadership skills, or navigate complex organizational changes, we are here to help.