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Common challenges for Healthcare Executives

Healthcare administrators face challenges that arise in any industry. There are requirements for excellence in operations, ever-improving financials, a strong competitive market position, and maintaining a people-focused work culture. Yet, in healthcare, leaders endure pressures that are unique to this trade. Today, there is unprecedented turbulence caused by shifting federal mandates and regulations, lack of control over often ineffective incentives, conflicts between clinical and administrative staff, and shifting price points in both patient revenue and operational expenses.

Despite this turmoil, healthcare executives are finding success. Many are implementing new processes and scorecards to measure progress. Some are on-boarding new teams to drive change. Some are boasting improved financials. But one thing holds true, regardless of what, or if, success is being realized: all healthcare executives want to accelerate their impact.

To do so, leaders must dig deep. Deeper than outcomes. Deeper than behaviors. Leaders must recognize their true selves, understand their authentic styles, and be challenged to practice important leadership principles while leveraging their unique approaches to leading.

Coaching for Healthcare Executives

MEDI Leadership does just that. The MEDI Method to leadership development goes beyond consulting, training, or academic classes. MEDI coaches bring a deep knowledge of healthcare and leadership. Combined, these make our approach unparalleled.

MEDI Leadership is a catalyst for healthcare executives to move from transactional leadership to transformational leadership.

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I’ve been an executive for 15 years and we don’t often spend time enough time focusing on our own individual development. Working with my coach has truly been one of the biggest gifts I have received in my career. He very clearly understood me. He understood where I wanted to get to at the end. And as circumstances and goals started to change mid-way, he redirected beautifully. This program provided me the most clarity I’ve had on my leadership style and gave me very effective tools on how to leverage that and make improvements. It helped me to realize where I am and where I want to be. Having a very seasoned executive that has been there take me through that process has been invaluable.

Jennifer McCarthy, FACHE
Chief Operating Officer, Maine Medical Center