February 28, 2017

From Dyad to Triad: Healthcare Management Integration

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What are the common models for healthcare management integration?   Our industry has seen changes over the past few years, but the dyad and triad models continue to be most common.

Dyad model

The definition of a dyad model can vary among medical institutions, but all of the definitions are fundamentally similar:  dynamic joint leadership between traditional administrative leaders and clinical leaders.  Shared accountability should result in continuous improvement.

Triad model

More recently, the emerging trend in healthcare management is the triad model.  The triad model recognizes the importance of nurse management to patient care, operational decisions, and clinical improvements.  Physicians and administrators treat problem solving differently, and adding nurse administrators is an effective step towards further hospital operations success.

In 2015, Mayo Clinic standardized care of 22 academic and community emergency departments under a singular leadership structure. One key step in this transformation was the development of steering committees at the regional level, led by physician-nurse-administrator triad leadership teams. This and three other key improvements continue to gain momentum for the well-respected Mayo Clinic system.
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