January 29, 2020

How to Find Your Future Physician Leaders

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An ancient proverb says it best:

“The best day to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best day to plant a tree is TODAY.”

In our work with health system leaders nationwide, we often get called upon to help find physicians who can lead an immediate strategic initiative. But the obvious reality is that’s the wrong time to start looking, because effective physician leaders don’t grow on trees!

A better solution is… start TODAY by looking for them in your own backyard!

It takes time for leaders to grow. And typically, those physicians who are called upon by their organization to lead on short notice aren’t ready, or even interested, in stepping up. The result can be false starts and stalled strategic plans – or worse, poor leadership affecting culture.

The better approach is to start building a farm team of future physician leaders in your community before you need to call them up to take a leadership role. The transformation of healthcare will require many effective physician leaders – mostly those who know how to use their influence for change in the context of active clinical practice.

MEDI Leadership has deep experience in custom designing cohort-based coaching programs for health systems large and small across the country. This approach takes a cohort of current and potential physician leaders through an experiential learning process to identify the high potentials. Even those who may not be future leaders benefit by becoming more effective members of teams.

Our coaches bring real-world healthcare leadership experience, combined with professional coaching skills, to find the hidden physician leadership talent that is waiting to be found – right in your own backyard!

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Eric P. Norwood, LFACHE, PCC

Eric P. Norwood, LFACHE, PCC is a trusted, experienced advisor to C-Suite leaders, helping them improve their performance individually and corporately. He is a catalyst for change for his clients.

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