Healthcare Human Resource Leaders

Human Resources as a function in healthcare has moved far beyond talent acquisition and benefit management. Leaders in Human Resources are tasked to pull together the most effective mix of leaders, combining people with skills in clinical delivery and business management.

Often, while these functional skills can be identified or developed in existing staff, or hired into the organization, there still exists a gap in leadership skills. Skills that enable the most impactful teams for the turbulent healthcare environment.

Human Resource leaders recognize this gap. As talent engagers and people connectors, Human Resource teams in healthcare often look to leadership coaches and team development experts to improve the effectiveness of their organization’s people. 

MEDI Leadership partners with Human Resource leaders to accelerate the performance of their leaders.

The MEDI Method to leadership development goes deeper than consulting, training, or academic classes. MEDI coaches bring a deep knowledge of healthcare and leadership, working with healthcare leaders to identify their unique leadership skills and style and practicing key leadership principles through practical application of real-work situations.

MEDI Leadership is the catalyst for leaders to move from transactional leadership to transformational leadership.

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UMass Memorial Healthcare is a leading healthcare organization with dedicated leaders who are not only interested in learning but are committed to achieving higher performance and results. As the Chief Human Resources Officer, I selected MEDI to customize the leadership development process for each member of the executive team. The results of higher performing leaders with strategic alignment around our key initiatives will allow UMass Memorial to continue to lead in an even more complex, dynamic time for the healthcare industry.

Patricia Webb, MBA
Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer of UMass Memorial Healthcare