October 19, 2016

Leadership and the evolution of a team

Leadership Development

Leadership teams go through normal, predictable and manageable stages of evolution as they come together and begin to tackle the challenges that face them.  Some stages are fun and exciting.  Other stages can be so miserable that they cause leaders to question the very journey they have undertaken. “What have I gotten myself into?” 
Wise leaders understand the process of group formation and evolution. They recognize the signs that indicate their team’s current stage. They proactively lead accordingly.
Often – in the early, formative stages for a team – an outside coach can help the team grow through some of the more challenging and conflict laden stages of the evolution.  Teams often get stuck in these stages.  Proactive leadership and facilitation can help a team grow efficiently and effectively through the challenges that confront them.  That is the value point that MEDI brings.  We accelerate the rate at which a team comes together and works through conflict. This establishes a foundation for future success.

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