March 15, 2017

Leadership and high performing teams

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Simple Steps to Help Create and Sustain High Performing Teams
Earlier this week we had the privilege facilitate a session with a leadership team that would objectively be considered a high performing group.  It was a team that has worked together for a relatively short period of time and recently added a few new members.
As is typical with most leadership teams, they went through the normal, predictable and, importantly, manageable challenges that come with the formation of any new team.  To their credit, they recognized the need to manage those challenges and took deliberate action to understand and address the source of their struggles.
During the session, the team captured the actions they had taken that had brought them to their new level of team performance.  While any newly formed team is likely to experience similar struggles, close attention to the following actions should help improve the probability and pace of effective team formation and shorten the journey to high performance.

  • Take the steps and the time to learn about one another
  • Establish and actively administer team norms
  • Develop the skills essential to collaboration and respectful resolution of conflict
  • Make face to face interactions a priority
  • Design efficient methods to communicate and stay connected
  • Make time to step out of the day to day and look at the big picture
  • Celebrate success, express appreciation and have fun

The result of these actions has led to improved performance in both organizational results and the work life satisfaction of the leaders and their teams.
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The health care environment is more turbulent than ever before, demanding nothing short of transformational change.  To meet this challenge, organizations need exceptional leaders with skills to design and execute a blueprint for success amidst rapid and dramatic change.  Have you ever considered engaging an executive coach to help develop those individual and team skills? We at MEDI Leadership would love to talk with you about how we can help.  Check us out at or give us a call at (904)-543-0235.

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Robert "Bob" Porter, JD, MBA, PCC

Robert "Bob" Porter, JD, MBA, PCC is an accomplished organizational leader with over 30 years’ experience in health system leadership. Bob has extensive experience in working with senior leadership executives in complex organizational settings, with a proven track record for engaging diverse stakeholders in the redesign of organizational systems and processes to achieve breakthrough improvement in performance.

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