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MEDI coaches bring forward a significant amount of experience to their clients’ coaching journey. But not only do we have significant knowledge and application of coaching and leadership, we bring deep experiences from and exposure to the healthcare industry. Learn from our coaches, who lead from the intersection of healthcare and leadership.

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Articles & Webinars

Healthcare Leaders: Built to Thrive

“Leaders who believe they can [succeed] without any formal training often succeed for some time, but eventually will encounter critical situations they are not prepared to handle alone. Then they urgently seek the resources to help them succeed, often too late to salvage a career.” ~ Journal of Healthcare Leadership Not all leadership development approaches...
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WEBINAR: Move Beyond Traditional Physician-Hospital Relationships

The symbiotic relationship between hospitals and physicians has been complicated by new technology, changes to care delivery models, and the emergence of new management priorities. During this webinar, hear from Robert Porter, senior vice president and executive coach with MEDI Leadership, and Matt Troup, president and CEO of Conway (Ark.) Regional Health System, about how...
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Blog Posts

Key Leadership Competencies: Emotional Intelligence

This post kicks off a 7-part series in leadership competencies we find most critical for driving meaningful transformation in healthcare. Details below. A few months ago, we reviewed key leadership competencies we’ve found most critical in driving meaningful transformation as conditions change in unpredictable ways. It is not a coincidence that Emotional Intelligence (EI) is...
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How Should I Budget for an Executive Coach?

As a healthcare executive, you have a track record of strong performance and career success — it’s what brought you where you are today. You were likely promoted because your contributions brought such value to your organization that your leaders wanted to replicate those successes on a greater scale. Why would high-performing leaders like you...
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