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Succession Planning for Sustained Growth

By Debra Harrison and Gina Schneider Executive turnover in healthcare is not new. Nearly all issues of Becker’s Hospital Review report on executive moves and departures. The American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) has tracked hospital CEO turnover for many years, reporting a rate of 16% in 2021 — a persisting trend that’s ranged from 13%...
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Key Leadership Competencies: Emotional Intelligence

This post kicks off a 7-part series in leadership competencies we find most critical for driving meaningful transformation in healthcare. Details below. A few months ago, we reviewed key leadership competencies we’ve found most critical in driving meaningful transformation as conditions change in unpredictable ways. It is not a coincidence that Emotional Intelligence (EI) is...
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How Should I Budget for an Executive Coach?

As a healthcare executive, you have a track record of strong performance and career success — it’s what brought you where you are today. You were likely promoted because your contributions brought such value to your organization that your leaders wanted to replicate those successes on a greater scale. Why would high-performing leaders like you...
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A Word of Thanks

My colleagues and I at MEDI Leadership I have the great privilege to work in support of talented healthcare leaders across the country.  I am continually amazed at their dedication and perseverance as they strive to carry out their mission to attend to the suffering of people who turn to them in life’s most poignant...
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Developing Effective Physician Champions to Accelerate Progress, Buy-In

As hospitals work to navigate change, it is critical that they do so in a manner which reflects respect for the impact of change on the practice of their physicians in order to secure their support and commitment. We’ve seen rising interest in best practices for developing effective physician champions who can bring the voice...
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11 Key Questions for a Great New Year, Personally and Professionally

Happy New Year! The end of the year and beginning of a new one provides a natural place for us to pause, reflect and move forward with intention for ourselves, our families, our teams. As you begin a new chapter in 2023, it’s my hope that this focused set of questions will serve as a...
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Surviving a Job Transition: 8 Tips for Healthcare Leaders

This is a season of difficult transitions for many healthcare leaders as the industry adjusts to the challenges of life in the post-COVID landscape. Though the nature and magnitude of those transitions vary, job changes in particular can be painful setbacks, leaving you feeling stuck and anxious about the future. The following are simple tips...
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7 Steps to Lead From Compliance to Commitment

Why tactical tools are not enough, and what to do about it. As hospitals struggle to financially recover in the post-COVID landscape and pressures grow to slash costs, healthcare leaders are racing to implement tactical changes shown to produce massive savings at other organizations, in hopes of mirroring those successes. In practice, those changes are...
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Growing Your Impact By Practicing “Heads Up” Leadership

When you’re hiking or walking through unfamiliar terrain, you need to alternate keeping your head up and keeping your head down if you don’t want to trip up, hurt yourself or others. If you never look down, you could step into a hole or miss a step and twist your ankle. If you never look...
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