June 7, 2020

MEDI Leadership’s Statement on Racism


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Following recent violence, discrimination and social unrest, we are compelled to step into our own leadership.

At MEDI Leadership, we stand in solidarity with our African American community, honoring their contributions and acknowledging the part each of us plays in creating safe, inclusive environments. We steadfastly renounce racism, discrimination and hate in any form, and commit to honoring people of every race, background, ethnicity, sexual orientation and religious affiliation.

Too often in our collective past, we’ve allowed our differences to drive divisiveness instead of uplifting the diversity of experiences, perspectives and ideas as vital ingredients for thriving communities and organizations. That stops now. It’s beyond time for action, starting with genuine, personal introspection.

We invite our colleagues and clients to join us in cultivating the following habits. We pledge to:

  • Step fully into our vulnerability, recognizing and admitting we don’t have the answers.
  • Invite dialogue and listen — deeply and genuinely. We will seek to understand deeper than the words being said.
  • Allow for emotional and sometimes spirited conversations, where we will assume positive intentions and co-create actionable solutions.

We invite you to challenge and push us to do better, with specific action and ongoing advocacy. We embrace our personal and corporate responsibility in extinguishing racism and accelerating change in our communities. Please join us in taking this pledge.

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