MEDI Method

A focused, purpose-driven development path is how MEDI-coached leaders walk through an intentional leadership transformation. A carefully-matched MEDI Coach works with you through a proven multi-phased approach to accelerate your impact.

Every leader is different, and every leader requires a unique application of proven tools and methods. To accomplish this, we start with pre-discovery and work through varied leadership assessments and goal development.

Throughout the coaching relationship, the MEDI coach encourages ongoing reflection and drives real-work application of leadership principles and accelerants.

At the end of the process, leaders walk away with a deeper knowledge of self and strengths, an understanding of areas for improvement and tools with which growth can continue, many guided applications of situational leadership experiences, and plans to lead moving forward.

Who Are MEDI Clients?
Executive Leaders Clinical Leaders Human Resource Leaders

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When you invest in developing the leadership of an organization, you are really making an investment in each and every single member of that organization, in people. My coaching experience with MEDI has given me a greater self-awareness which has been instrumental in me ability to close the gap between perceptions of my leadership style and my intentions. It has helped me to develop the essential tools needed to develop trust within professional relationships so that intentions are more visible allowing me to be a considerably greater effective leader and mentor to others. Investing my time in coaching has reinforced that repetition and consistency are the keys to success for any new behavior.

Monika Mathur, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Alliance