July 17, 2023

Mid-Year Check-in: 11 Key Questions for Personal & Professional Success

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It’s hard to believe that half of 2023 is already behind us. How did the first six months go for you, personally and professionally? 

If you haven’t stopped to reflect on your year to date and taken time to thoughtfully plan for the rest of the year, you’re not alone. Life is busy. It is easy to get derailed and find yourself on autopilot, reacting to the many things that come up day-to-day. According to researchers, as much as 95% of our time is spent on autopilot. A mid-year check in can be a simple and powerful tool for self-reflection and to help you intentionally chart your course for the months ahead.  

In January I shared a simple, focused set of questions designed to serve as a framework for beginning the year with intention. I was pleased to hear that it resonated with a lot of leaders.  With that in mind, I invite you to take a little heads-up time to review the questions below, do a bit of self-reflection and consider how you can intentionally make the most of this second half of 2023.

11 Key Questions for a Great Year, Personally and Professionally

  1. On a scale of 1–10, how happy am I with my year so far? What would make it higher?
  2. What am I most proud of this year, so far? What have I enjoyed most, personally and professionally?
  3. Three lessons I’ve learned are
  4. Where have I stepped outside of my comfort zone? How did it feel? How did I grow as a person or leader as a result? How can I build on this?
  5. Considering my top 5 values, have my calendar and interactions reflected my values? If not as much as I would like, how can I create more alignment going forward?
  6. What progress have I made on my professional and personal goals? Who has provided support and have I expressed my gratitude and appreciation?
  7. What 1–3 words best capture my vision for the remainder of 2023?
  8. What key relationships do I want to build, enhance, repair? What action steps will I take?
  9. What is one new positive habit I want to intentionally continue to establish?
  10. How will I generate the energy I need to be vibrant in all key areas of my life?
  11. What brings me joy and how will I do more of that in the coming months?

Cheers to you, your health, wellbeing, and an intentionally successful 2023!

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Kathy Gibala is a sought-after executive leadership coach with more than 25 years of healthcare industry experience and over 15 years as a coach. She is honored to serve as a trusted partner and change catalyst to healthcare executives across the US to raise the bar on their leadership, build high-performing teams, and accelerate transformative change. Kathy incorporates neuroscience-based coaching techniques to help healthcare leaders expand their impact and reach their fullest potential.

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