Re-imagining Healthcare: Leading Beyond the Pandemic

As the industry moves beyond a focus on the immediate response to the pandemic, leaders have begun to contemplate the enormous operational and financial damage that has occurred in just a few months and turned their thoughts to the future. It will be necessary to take drastic steps to restore operational and financial stability. There is no option to go back to what was before. The question is how organizations and leaders will choose to go forward.


Healthcare Leaders: Built to Thrive

As the healthcare landscape shifts, providers face growing demands that threaten patient experiences, operating margins, and even their own professional success. Though market challenges are complex, the key to successful healthcare transformation is a simple one, though it’s often misunderstood or mismanaged: growing high-ability leaders.

Work-life Integration


Leadership and Work-life Integration

Work-life integration is a “whole life” approach to optimize all the elements that bring joy and fulfillment. Download this quick read to learn what patterns of behavior Robert Porter has observed in successful healthcare leaders over the last 30 years.

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