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It takes a different breed to lead in today’s healthcare environment. Leaders must be authentic, resilient, transformational, and more. See what MEDI-coached leaders say about their journey with MEDI Leadership, and learn how we’ve helped them accelerate their impact.

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Moving from a senior operations role to the CEO required a different way of thinking and dealing with issues. I’ve found that having an outside person to talk to and get a different perspective made a huge difference in my success.

I worked with my coach on identifying the key stakeholders and what considerations I needed to make when building relationships with them. I was also coached through building a relationship with my new corporate boss which was very important. On the personal side, work life balance was also important to me to meet family needs and balance those with my new role.

As a result of coaching, I can feel a difference in my confidence and maturity in the role vs last year.

I think everyone needs a coach. As our careers progress, people are in different phases in their leadership journey. Having someone to talk to about specific aspects of your career, to have a sounding board that you can bounce things off, get feedback, and someone who challenges you to think differently can take you to the next level of success.

Over the years I’ve used MEDI Leadership to help coach ten of my team members, and I’ve used them for facilitating team building events on several occasions. Working with MEDI is an investment in yourself and your team, you can’t go wrong.

Chad Aduddell
Market CEO, CHI St. Vincent – Little Rock
Healthcare CAO Rebekah Fincher on being impactful in her role.

Healthcare CEO Matt Troup on foundational leadership principles.