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Teams exist in varying levels of effectiveness. Sometimes teams are new or operate with trepidation and uncertainty. Teams will sometimes operate through bold actions from a dominant team member. Some teams operate fairly well, but through individual contributions rather than coordinated movement that drives higher performance. Some teams are just stuck.

Becoming an interdependent team of high-performing team members takes time, work, and intentional focus. MEDI Leadership facilities team coaching and development programs specifically designed for executive and clinical teams who want to improve their collective effectiveness and accelerate organizational performance.

MEDI coaches will lead your team through a discovery process, including interviews, a team survey, and individual assessments resulting in a team profile. Group sessions are designed according to the needs of your team and your organization’s goals.

Take your team to the next level of leadership. Get better alignment and better results.

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As a result of our work with MEDI, our medical group Board is operating more efficiently and effectively. We have developed a strong foundation, better relationships and have gained clarity around our roles and responsibilities. Personally, the coaching I received as the Board Chair has helped me become more aware of my strengths and areas to work on as a leader. I have enhanced my leadership abilities and am much more comfortable navigating the complexities of governance. The coaching helped accelerate my learning and performance as a new Board Chair as well as a leader in my practice.

Daniel Cuozzo, DO
Chair, Beebe Medical Group, Delaware