February 3, 2016

Transforming Governance: How do you know yours needs to be transformed?

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Question: Is your governance model operating at optimal performance – or not?
WTransforming Governamce Healthcareith the rapid changes in healthcare, Boards are having a difficult time shifting the way that they operate to be as effective as they need to be. Often we get asked,
“How do we know our Board is effective enough to lead in this new world of healthcare and make the necessary shifts?”

There are various levels in this assessment approach to help determine if the Board is ready.
These levels and sample questions include the following:

  • Understanding of the Environment – Does the Board clearly understand the changing environment of healthcare? Is there a clear understanding of population health across the enterprise? How is the organization doing? Does the Board understand the connection to the organizations success?
  • Understanding of the Board’s Role – Is there a clear understanding of the Boards roles and responsibilities? Of their interrelationship with the leadership and management of the organization? Do they understand the difference between leadership and management?
  • Understanding of Key Principles, Operations and Structure – Is the Board diverse enough to include critical perspectives for the organizations success? Is there a formal process in place for Board recruitment? Are Board members compensated for their time and effort? Does the Board fully understand their risk exposure in today’s world? Are the agendas well structured?

Through an in-depth look at the Board in these various levels. MEDI is able to assess your governance model and its current performance based on leading practices, and then identify opportunities for rapid improvement that will lead to higher organizational performance.
We look forward to partnering with you on this incredibly important transformation.

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John Anderson, MD, FACS

John Anderson, MD, FACS has over 25 years’ experience in healthcare leadership and governance roles in several of the country’s leading healthcare systems.

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