November 2, 2023

Executive Coach – Robert Porter – Interview Highlights

Clinician Leadership | Leadership Development | Team Development
Duration: 5min

In this thought-provoking conversation, we sit down with esteemed executive coach Bob Porter as he shares what drew him to coach leaders in healthcare. Join us as he shares his coaching philosophy built around the science of adult learning- it’s not about teaching people it’s about them discovering how to become their most authentic selves.

Key Insights Explored:

Common Misconception: The most common misconception about coaching is that it’s for people who are in trouble and need a coach to help them figure out if they can survive in their role.

Coaching for Excellence: Learn how the best coaching is done with strong leaders who want to become even stronger and for smart organizations who wish to recognize and invest in their strong leaders to improve them.

Unlocking Potential: Learn how coaching can unlock untapped potential, accelerate personal and professional growth, and empower leaders to achieve their highest aspirations. This conversation is a must-watch for anyone interested in coaching, leadership development, and personal growth, as it challenges conventional notions about who can benefit from coaching.

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