November 2, 2023

In Conversation with CEO Matthew Troup: How to Make Big Change

Leadership Development | Team Development
Duration: 1min

In this enlightening conversation, we sit down with Matt Troup, an expert in leadership development for healthcare physicians. Join us as we explore the art of making significant change in healthcare leadership, moving beyond mere metrics and embracing the power of co-creating coordinated movement and working together.

🏥 Key Insights Discussed:

Leadership Development for Healthcare Physicians: Discover the essential elements that drive effective leadership in the healthcare field.

Creating Big Change: Gain profound insights into the strategies and approaches that lead to transformative change in healthcare organizations.

Co-Creating Coordinated Movement: Learn how collaboration and co-creation can drive real change and meaningful progress.

🔗 Working Together: Explore the importance of teamwork and unified efforts in achieving ambitious healthcare goals. This conversation is a valuable resource for healthcare professionals, physicians, and leaders who are passionate about creating lasting change in the healthcare industry.

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Thank you for joining us in this enlightening conversation with Matt Troup on “How to Make Big Change” in healthcare leadership. Together, we can create a healthier and more sustainable future for healthcare!

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