November 20, 2017

What does gratitude have to do with leadership?

Leadership Development | Physician Leadership

Physicians and executives in healthcare often express the challenges of incredibly busy lifestyles.  Often our clients talk about ‘burning the candle at both ends’, difficulty slowing down to focus on key relationships, and facing an enormous amount of both internal and external challenges in their organizations and practices.  We often do not think of gratitude and appreciation as a key ingredient to help leaders with these challenges.  However, the experience of gratitude and appreciation helps our clients in many ways. Expressing appreciation makes us more grounded and helps us to feel more positive, make better decisions and build better relationships.  Research shows that feeling grateful and expressing appreciation helps our bodies produce more dopamine, activate our prefrontal cortex and increase our learning agility.  Gratitude is healthy! In addition, as we show appreciation to those around us, it has a positive effect on relationships, helps others feel more empowered and builds trust.
What are you grateful for today?  Whom do you need to appreciate today?  We invite you to practice feeling and expressing gratitude for your experiences and those around you.  See what happens…

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